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Center reception area is filthy, ran down. People using other patients wheelchairs. Patients ,some with soiled clothing using wheelchairs to be transported in back for treatment and wheelchair uncleaned used immediately afterwards. Bathroom is dirty. Behind recliners dirt and dust. Unsanitary practices of eating pizza by staff in back. Head nurse is never in dialysis room unless called. When board of health shows up nurses rush to pick up opened... Read more

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Understaffed, unqualified, hit and miss care is the norm at fresinius on oakdale in el cajon. Add comment

I receive dialysis at a Fresenius dialysis center in Indianapolis #5073 and it is understaffed. The technicians are very caring; they are just overworked. I’ve been there a little over a year and 6 or more technicians either quit or transferred and each time they back filled them the replacements would quit in as little as two days. This center is place lives at risk every day, there are times when only 2 technicians would be on the floor to... Read more

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I've been going through dialysis for 21 months... And there is one person who I have requested not to care for me but continues to do so. She laughs (giggles like a guinea pig actually) at my pain when she sticks me with 14 gauge needles, and quite frankly I'm sick of it. Add comment

I have applied for more than 12 open positions as a Dialysis Technician with Fresenius. I have 9 years experience and have not had 1 interview. I have been contacted for an interview and then something comes up and they claim the interviewer won't be available. I was talking to an employee at the clinic that I recently applied to. I was told that they pick friends of current employees and train them over qualified people. I was also informed... Read more

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I take dialysis on Jefferson Blvd in Ft. Wayne, IN. The administrator doesn't want to do anything about complaints. She acts like she and the techs can never do anything wrong. This brushing and swelling happened Friday by a new tech but according to the administrator, nothing happened. Add comment

Unfair employment practice, it's not what you know but who you know. Control by upper management, control transfers, any changes that would better your life. Promotional change etc. Add comment

My father has been on dyalisis for years. Saturday he was handed a paper stating they can no longer let patients go to the restroom. If they need to go they will be taken off and not put back on. They will be sent home. This is crazy! This is life or death. Just because it is inconvenient for the staff? I told him if he needs to go just go in the chair. We will take extra clothes. They can clean up. Read more

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Yes they hurting people bad what kind of slaughter pen is this need to be shut down Add comment


I have never met a clinic like this! In a bad way!! I am an applicant looking for a dialysis tech job for over 4 months. I have been interviewed at countless clinics and none of them had hired me yet. I have worked my butt of accelerating into the valedictorian spot in my class and I have also grinded hard just to get the 220 hrs they required to get certified. I had been patiently waiting to get offered a job. But nothing. Mind you, I am a 20... Read more

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