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I was confronted regarding driving through the parking lot and temporarily parking to take a photograph of the skyline. I am an artist and meant no harm but was disrespected by the director/management of the facility and believe it was because of my race/nationality. This was unfair treatment of a human being and it is disgraceful. I wouldn't bring a dying dog to this facility if that is how she... Read more

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They need to take responsibility for all the lives they took from families !!! Ask about how the are negligent ? They knew the potential risk and didn't have consideration for the patients that list their lives because they just wanted to save a dime !!! They are murderers !!!!!! Add comment

I am a patient at a Fresenius dialysis center in Phiadelphia. I have told the nurses as well as the dialysis technicians that I woud like to come in during my normally scheduled time for my treatment. Although I have kidney failure I am still going on with my life I am a full-time student in college because I want better for myself. I have explained this to the dialysis staff but lo and behold... Read more

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I was a patient at fresenius for over a year. They were constantly late getting started, and it was ok. If a patient, which is paying out of their *** to go there, was a little late getting there, then there was a problem. The nurses were constantly sitting at the nurse's desk and seem to have a problem helping the techs. My blood pressure had gotten high and they put me on a blood pressue... Read more

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Some of the techs are very unprofessional. They dont consider that they are working with people that are very ill. They treat patients with no respect. They sit and talk about eachother and other patients. I have heard and seen it all. I have decided to go to another clinic because the problems that i hve had with a certain tech has not been resolved. Add comment

I recieve treatment from the redmond oregon facilty. In all my years under doctors care I have never experienced such unprofessionalism in a medical facility. When people from corporate show up at the clinic they get the clinc cleaned and act totally diferent. The new manager is pathetic. She obviously has no clue about leadership. She is so busy trying to be friends with all coworkers, having... Read more

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The management is the Biggest problem unconcern, clueless, and uneducated about ppl matters. So disappointed in a health care run this way staff notify each other when big wheels arrived and stay on cell phones more than thy on the computers. Arguing in front of us a Mess I blame clinic manager needs to b replaced Add comment

Fresenius garden city has only 13 channels to choose from,,,,,,,and my put on times keep changing,,,,,,manager very rude Add comment

Fresenius in Hogansville Ga sucks. The one tech they have is rude. The clinic manager is clueless. They ran the best nurse they had off . The manager is rarely there and has no idea what is going on with patients. The one good nurse is overworked, you can see the stress on her face. The tech destroys patients' accesses. The other is too busy pushing her work off on others. Treatment has not... Read more

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I have been at the Fresenius in Ga for nearly a year. The tech they hired has infiltrated acceses on repeated occassions. She is rude and sits and just stares at me from across the room. I have never seen this person in my life. I dont feel comfortable with her at all and have mentioned this to the clinic manager who could care less I am trying to get transferred because my health is in... Read more

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