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I was excited when I was hired at Fresenius, I thought it would be a great experience. Unfortunately my training was ***, the girls were constantly telling me that they hate training. Anytime I asked my preceptor a question she would reply, I ain't got time for that. My coworkers were constantly talking bad about me to patients and amongst each other. I was made to feel less than on a daily basis. I spoke to my central manager and I contacted... Read more

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My complaint is about a seat that my dialysis center(glendale hts., il.) rotates around until someone complains. I got stuck with the chair today. I shouldn't have to sit in a uncomfortable chair for 3 1/2 hours. Its needs to thrown out and replaced. If you go back in the chair your feet and legs are up in the air and not level.

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I am bringing a class action suit against Fresenius Dialysis Corp. If you or a loved one has suffered at one of their clinics, not been treated properly, been billed for non-existent treatments or meds, please contact me immediately to be placed on the list of litigants involved. I, myself was a patient at one of their clinics for over a year. Send me a brief description of your experience along with your contact email address and/or phone... Read more

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The Marietta clinic is a big joke. There is no communication and no one ever knows what is going on.! They treat the patients like ***. But favor others and make that clear. They don't want to listen at all. The techs are always on their cell phones even while checking the machines. I am never given my Ned's when I need them, or a glove to put on when holding my access waiting for it to clot. I have sat in the waiting area numerous times... Read more

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So sorry about their unprofessional manner. Fresinius of Oxford Mississippi killed my grandmother. They killed her dead. I guess her life is only worth $20,000 to them. It was Granuflo. They knew what it was doing to patients, but just let it go. All because they are greedy pigs that have no remorse for life. She was on dyalisis for 8 long horrific grueling months. She felt so bad after she started their kill dyalisis and never felt good again.... Read more

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been going 2 same clnic in smyrna tennessee we have 1 person that making a fool out him self like hollow out very loud i wear head phones still he dis track nurses nures be working on 1 end they be on outer end till boss come out the person name bentley must be quit or i leaving the clnicbeen listen him wearing head watching jerry springer he scared the whole clinic he said him and his brothers will light the place up no 1 will say nothing to... Read more

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My husband used to go to Fresenius in durham, NC. This place is horrible. They were rude and lied to your face. They would tell you one story and tell the doctor at the hospital another story. Long story short they lied to get my husband out of their care. They could have been upfront about not wanting my husband in their care. We know they lied because when we were told to go to the hospital the doctors would tell us what the nurses said to... Read more

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My complaint involves the newly instituted policy for the dialysis unit in Flemington NJ. We have been informed that this unit will no longer provide pressure seal bandages for me after my treatment. I was told that I must purchase them myself!! I have never heard a policy where the patient must provide a facility with the supplies to do the job they are being paid to do!This is a rediculous policy because control of bleeding after treatment is... Read more

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My complaint is that some people are treated different than others, they are not sitting in the lobby waitin their turn, being put on befo6their time and being taken off early just to go on vacation and not having to sign an Ama

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