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When i checked into SBH (St Barnabas Health) from a local dialysis clinic (FMC) in November i was weak and vomiting from an unknown illness. SBH informed me that i had an infection and pneumonia.

On 3 occasions i was given a CPAP type face mask with a medicine called BioNeb® and instructed to wear it for 15 or 20 minutes. On the 3rd BioNeb® treatment i noticed white bumps on my skin and my tongue. I lost my voice and became very ill. When i told the doctor she discontinued the treatment.

Then the abdominal pain started. I was given many different antibiotics and 3 dialysis treatments after a blood test that revealed a low blood count . I was then given 1 or 2 blood transfusions. As my health got worse i decided to find a different hospital and was discharged.

I returned to my dialysis facility and received another treatment that made me feel even worse. I hired a primary care doctor (Dr. Salerno) and he informed me that i had a hemoglobin level of 4 and that dialysis could give me a heart attack at that level. Either SBH or FMC (dialysis clinic) need o explain to me what happened and why neither of them told me about my hemoglobin level being so low (4).

I have suffered numerous damages as a result of this so called treatment and i will be seeking council after i get a full report from my primary care doctor and secure legal representation. BioNeb®: The BioNeb® cell disruption system was conceived and developed by Dr. Stefan J. Surzycki, Dr.

Robert K. Togasaki, and Mr. Masahiko Kitayama at Indiana University Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. Through the regulation of gas pressure (between a range of only 10 to 250 psi), the system can be adjusted precisely to: gently open cells completely disrupt cells achieve 90% disruption for many cells in only one or two passes generates no heat - it actually cools the sample This efficient process takes very little time, as the unit can disrupt cells at a flow rate of 30 ml/minute.

Each system includes a universal position-er and base plate, flow meter, 1/8" diameter cut to length tubing for reservoir inlet/outlet. 12" length of auxiliary inlet/outlet tubing, 6' length of 5/32" O.D. tubing for gas supply, and connection fittings.

(Depending on gas cylinders and regulators, some additional fittings may be required.) Basic Prescribing Info: Contents Salbutamol sulfate MIMS Class Antiasthmatic & COPD Preparations ATC Classification R03AC02 - salbutamol ; Belongs to the class of adrenergic inhalants, selective beta-2-adrenoreceptor agonists. Used in the treatment of obstructive airway diseases.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fresenius Medical Care Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Unqualified staff, Quality of service, Doctors and clinic manager, Incompetent social worker.

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