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This was never resolved. It was an accidentally pushed.

Original review posted by user Mar 19, 2016

I have never met a clinic like this! In a bad way!! I am an applicant looking for a dialysis tech job for over 4 months. I have been interviewed at countless clinics and none of them had hired me yet. I have worked my butt of accelerating into the valedictorian spot in my class and I have also grinded hard just to get the 220 hrs they required to get certified. I had been patiently waiting to get offered a job. But nothing.

Mind you, I am a 20 yr old girl looking to expand the opportunities she has in life. I want to get into medical field and I saw dialysis as my entrance and hoped it could pay for my college as well. But nope, it wasn't as easy as that.

I have been to countless clinics with such good confidence, only to get that confidence crushed into smithereen.

I did what every enthusiam applicant would do. Drop of resume, show up in person, apply online, and call for follow ups. All were futile.

But what I did found out throughout this whole journey, was the fact that FMC's hiring process is based off from two things; connections and favoritism. That means no matter how qualified you are if you don't meet this two requirements, they will not hire you. They all judge your capabilities as soon as you walk in their front door. They will judge you from everything, to your age, to your dress and to your resume. Its just like they say, "it's not about what you know, it's about who you know". No matter how good you showed in your interview or internship, no matter how you did in your class, that all doesn't matter.

And because I am a young 20 yr old lady who might go to college and might intimidate the older technicians and has shown more advancement in her life and has actually a goal to be somewhere in life, I am denied and rejected countless times. I had tried my best in every interview. I am me in every interview, but I guess it wasn't enough for them.

Not to mention their recruiter is a ***. He doesn't answer your questions and calls and emails or basically anything. Also their clinical managers are shittier. They give you false hope of getting hired and making you wait for good months before realizing they has already picked someone else.

So long story short; the interviewers has told me dialysis community is small. Well no *** sherlock. If you do not hire anyone else besides the people you know, you will surely limit the capacity of your clinic to improve. Take a risk and hire people who deserve it!

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Apply somewhere else and get over it. Welcome to the real world of job hunting.

Milton, Florida, United States #1207395

Based on your lack of basic grammar I can only wonder what your resume looked like.

to Anonymous #1381226


Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, United States #1194557

Fresenius does not strike me as being that sort of place. I don't know who you are and I am not judging but you need to check your spelling.

You have to sit down and regroup because something is wrong if you applied to all these company and they have not hired you. Go over your Résumé and stop trying to blame Fresenius.

Not judging you just simply giving you a bit of advise. I do not work at Fresenius .


Oh trust me, I just put in my notice there, and I am a social worker. The place is horrible, and you really don't want to work there.

It really is about the recruiting they use now. You don't even apply directly to the company.

They pay ***, they will use you and don't dare say you can't help out on your day off. Trust me, much better off looking elsewhere


You are blaming others for the failures and inadequacies in your life. Time to take responsibility and move on by finding a job in another field to support yourself---McDonald's is always hiring.

to rollo2016 #1130433

It's not as much as blaming. She was just saying the truth. I'm actually a victim of this and I know some people who also feel this way.

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