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After 4 years all of sudden, the Kidney Foundation stopped paying Medicare part B premium, even though all the paperwork was given to the benefit coordinator, she then went on medical leave. Can't get Medicare Part B reinstated and private insurance will only pay 20%.

In and out of the hospital during that time. July of 2016 so much fluid taken off, I didn't know who I was, got lost and called the first phone number my daughter in Iowa. Wife called me to find me. She asked me what was around me, she then found me sitting near a park blocks from my home.

Didn't know my name or my wife. Was taken to the hospital.

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I believe that there is a 6 month wait before you can reinstate your medicare part b. Check with medicare or s.s office ,if that wont work call your local house of representives for help. They handle federal issues quite well.

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