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i got terminated and i know for a fact that there are 5 other people who happen to be white that use drugs and lied on there applications i worked for Nephrology INC and we got brought out by Fresenius Medical and they promised everyone would still have jobs and so far me and another BLACK employee are the only ones who have been fired if you worked for someone for a really long time your work ethics should keep your job not what they just came in and found they really don't know anything about you but they can just fire you like that and its funny you can come to work DRUNK buy pills from the patients borrow money from the patients come to work high and you get to keep your job because your white you get a bad background check or don't have a GED and can get fired the people who should stand up for you don't (clinical director) because there scared but they would rather see there unit short staffed then to open there dam mouths i only herd about the other black lady that got fired but i new her and she was a good worker one of the best secretaries we had and they fired her on her day off Nephrology was a good place till they let money and greed take over that's sad you fire the good workers an keep the ones that really should be fired wonder how many patients no that people who are sticking them are on drugs and drink before they come to work also why didn't they get fired and why hasn't anything been done to the ones who borrow money or by pills from the lady on days this is wrong so wrong i am pissed off i don't have a job or money to take care of my baby girl

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1013941

Working in Philadelphia units are the pits. They allow white managers demonstrate their racist behavior.

Fresenius had know respect for the black techs. They hire white nurses and doctors who are very pleasant and do not demonstrate a races behavior or tolerate misconduct. They usually font last after the company find out that they are not mistreating the staff. Fresenius also try to keep confused among the black staff.

I reported misconduct in the unit and the manger informed thr person what I said. How about the behavior continue. Later I over heard the manager saying that director was racist and ifbshe didnt care why should her. I actually over heard her say she was not paying know tech thirty dollars a hour to work overtime preferring to me.

The manager had a nurse stay to care for four pts. Hello she was there on over time and making more than thirty dollars. Oh the nurse was white working as a tech for the day. Total.

Of three nurses and three techs working the floor with 18pts.

Nottingham, Maryland, United States #971212

my place is the opposite , no whites all blacks that give all the black patients more time an more friendly than to white patients . We also have an invisible manager who lied to me when I asked to to tour another clinic , the day before she asked me if I was going on a 2pm tour , I said yes .

When I got there no one knew I was coming , they treated me like a disease, though I did view that clinic and they had new chairs ab was a lot cleaner. This Doctor We have owns the place We go to an yes He charges Us a Doctor visit for just walking by an talk about baseball .

On a Friday I was on 3rd shift and had got cramps bad an the RN came over an said She be right back , well 15 minutes went by , I started yelling an throwing stuff an the other RN walks over and said I didn't know you were here ! I asked her where the other RN was , she replied " oh she went home " This place is scary , if U complain , some accident can happen to U .

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #935229

Not real surprised worked for fmc was terminated along with other individuals for what I would consider as the color of my skin and speaking up for my rights as well as others. What is most amazing it is 2015 and this company has a large population of minority patients. As a company they should be ashamed and should do something to rectify the situation


I guess it depends on the location because the opposite was true where I worked as far as race. It is wrong either way. The good workers should be kept and the bad ones fired no matter what race.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #717796

I'm so sick of the "race card." Why does it always have to be that? Dude, if you are a crappy crappy employee, then you need to get fired.

It's not always about race, that's just a really poor excuse to be lazy and not live up to your potential. It's always the pieces of *** who use the race card

Birmingham, Michigan, United States #676309

playing the "race card" again, huh? Maybe two were just *** employees and it had nothing to do with race


in my department the philipinoes are taking over and everyone else is getting fired or just finding another job

to trey #1501651

Let me guess California ? ? California nursing in general is like that


At the manufacturing plant in walnut creek it's different, white women are the minority. Blacks and Phillipenos are taking over.


You should be fired for doing drugs. Have you ever heard of zero tolerance?


Highly you're probably your not black. The username from the get-go makes me highly suspect and the story specious to's just over kill. I suspect the fabricated story that has two agendas.


My $0.02


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I work for Fresenius and if anything, it's the opposite of what you are saying. We have a black lady at our clinic who has stollen money from patients and staff, has a criminal background and still has yet to be fired!

Anytime anything doesn't go your way you want to scream discrimination. Get over it, you weren't a good worker and they got ride of your ***!!

to Amy Valparaiso, Florida, United States #915418

I so agree with this , BLACKS play the RACE AND DISCRIMINATION CARD, the managers and RN's are afraid to speak up and when they do, they are fired or transferred to another facility. Management needs to follow the "no tolerance for bull**** " with employees like these !!!But instead they talk to them and continue on like nothing has ever happened and the blacks continue to run over the staff, they intimidate management...their lazy butts will never be fired because of the NAACP.What about WHITE employee rights FRESENIUS.


must be people that work for them which is cool GOT TO BE WHITE PEOPLE BUT WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK OR SAY YOUR ASSSSSSESSS

to ME #1501656

There’s politics in every company stop placing blame it doesn’t help you or anyone. Move on to a new and just let it go.


you probably played the black card with management, THEN they had a reason to fire you!!!

:roll :upset :p :cry :grin


Maybe they fired you because you cannot seem to make a coherent sentence and you haven't found the "period" (.) key yet!



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